SealCoat is a protective measure, designed to keep an asphalt pavement sealed from water and UV degradation. The surface layers in an asphalt pavement are under continuous attack by the weather and other destructive elements and will develop minor surface cracks. This then results in the aggregates starting to unravel producing minor cracks, which widen and deepen with time. The damage will continue if proper protective actions are not taken.

The characteristics of bitumen which make it most suitable for use in asphalt are its strong adhesiveness (gluing), water resistance and flexibility properties. The asphalt pavement that you see is only the roof which covers a bed of graded stone aggregates of varying depths according to ground conditions as well as the traffic requirements. The base of aggregate is what really carries the load of the traffic.

SealCoat is designed to:

  1. Protect the surface against Water, Frost and UV Damage. Asphalt surfaces are sufficiently porous to allow water to seep into the base courses. The water softens the aggregates and reduces the overall load carrying capacity of the pavement. More severe damage is caused by the expansion of the trapped water in the pavement during winter months. The freeze-thaw cycles create large cracks and the problem is steadily worsened. SealCoat forms an impervious barrier that does not allow the water to seep into the pavement, thus protecting it.
  2. Protect against weathering. The bitumen binder in the pavement is shielded from ultraviolet rays.
  3. Protect against attack by petrochemicals and deicing salts.
  4. Beautifies the asphalt pavement and adds improves its value.
  5. Saves money for the asset owner.

Our dedicated workforce is highly skilled and experienced in applying SealCoat to all types of asphalt surfaces. The SealCoat application process is both advanced and efficient: in suitable conditions application can be completed in just one day. After an initial engineering assessment of the condition of the pavement surface, we undertake the following 5-step process.


Material Safety Data Sheet

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Technical Bulletin

Sealcoat Technical Bulletins are available upon request. Click the link below and email a request to us.
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