About SRS

Established in 1993, SRS Roads Pty Ltd (formerly SAMI Pty Ltd) was opened with the primary objective to promote the products manufactured by SAMI Bitumen SRS Roads has built a reputation as a leader in the bituminous contract services industry within Australia. Headquartered in Camellia, Sydney NSW, the company has now expanded to accommodate a growing customer base with operations out of Sydney, Port Macquarie and Brisbane.

SRS Roads have developed purpose built equipment including Bitumen Sprayers, Automatic Cockerel Boxes, Rollers, Tractor Brooms, Sealcoat sprayers, Mobile Sealcoat Plants, crack sealing machines and sand spreaders for the successful application of SRS Roads numerous products.

In 2008, SRS Roads was acquired by COLAS Australia who is a part of the COLAS Group – the world leader in road construction.

SRS Roads close association with the Colas Group gives us access to a world of expertise and resources that we make available to our customers by provide them with more options and better solutions through ongoing development and continuous improvement of products and road surfacing, maintenance and rehabilitation services through our various spray sealing, crack sealing and sealcoat divisions.

SRS is now providing pavement maintenance and rejuvenation services all over the country due to its ongoing commitment and ability to provide safe, quality, environmentally friendly and economically feasible pavement solutions.

At SRS we believe that the best outcomes are delivered by having the most experienced teams and providing them with the latest equipment. That is why SRS has the most modern and technologically advance fleet of bitumen spraying, road surfacing and high volume production plants.